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Project Run-Away

Whoo-hoo! Its Project Runway night. Yes, I'm completely hooked. Not having a television chez nous has proven to be a wonderful way to connect with friends. This season, my friend Matt and I have a standing date on Wednesday nights to watch Project Runway. I’m a Leanne fan. Although I don't aspire to make my own clothing designs out of car parts and groceries, I do think fashion is fun! 

I thought I'd share a few fascinating fashion-related blogs that I've discovered in my internet travels. Let's call these Project Run-Away blogs. One of my favorites is Sentimental Value. The author posts clothing items that have been listed on ebay.com with the seller's back story. From tap shoes to antique gowns, from wedding dresses to used jeans, from alligator shoes to belly dancing costumes, these clothes have hysterical stories. A recent entry is a red sequined gown.  The owner writes: "I hate to let it go because it has great sentimental value; I was once levitated in it in a magic act.: Here's another that cracks me up - the owner of this pink "Cleveland" tank top writes: "I bought it on impulse in the Cleveland airport recently while coming home from a weekend trip. I was a little tired and trail mix just wasn’t enough, what can I say?"

Another blog entitled: Why would you knit that? is dedicated to ugly things that people can knit. Perhaps one of the most famous items featured is the Coat of Many Colors by Catrina Bonet Designs, And lest we think that only regular folks make fashion faux pas, we have Second City Style to remind us that even celebrities and fashion pros also do crazy things like wearing Crocs in a French Vogue photo shoot and dressing like giant watermelons. It seems that Second City Style is a fan of Project Runway too. Check out their funny recap of last week's episode.

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