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Eco-Chic Turns Yellow into Green

I'm fortunate to have incredibly beautiful and talented friends; one of them being Marianne Talbot, Esquire. Marianne lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn in a charming brownstone with her wonderful husband and two kitties. She is a vegan, an animal rights advocate, and a very chic and stylish eco-conscious urban citizen. Her company, Modern Venus, is based on the concepts of Power, Poise and Brilliance. Recently, on her blog, Marianne gave this brilliant suggestion for "Instant Eco-Chic":

I never use my yellow or white pages anymore - do you? Those giant books just added clutter to my home and office and I was sick of lugging them into the trash every year.

Solution: here is a website called Yellow Pages Go Green http://www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org/stop-yellow-pages/ where you can register yourself to STOP the annual delivery of yellow and white pages!! All you do is log in your info, and they take care of the rest. Now let your fingers do the walking across your keyboards to save tons of natural resources!

I loved her suggestion; what a quick, easy, way to make a difference! I immediately took Marianne's advice, and I hope you will too...

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