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Emergency Delivery

One of our customers works in the corporate world in an extremely fast-paced, demanding position. She called us late last week and said: "Help! I'm having a terribly stressful day and I need some bon bons right away!" Since we deliver in our local area, this was not a problem. Pascal packed up a tin of her favorite flavors (Café au Lait and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) and I headed over to her office. She looked so grateful to see me when she rushed down to the lobby to retrieve her delivery. Later that afternoon, this email message (complete with cute cartoon) landed in our inbox:

"Thank you in advance for the 'emergency' bon bon delivery. It's one of those days when you just really really need a bon bon!"

Knowing that we can be of service during stressful times makes it all worthwhile for us. Got a bon bon emergency? We'll be there! All you have to do is call.

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