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Bon Bon Mobile Inspiration

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that we're in competition to be named the nation's Yummiest Business. Have you voted for us today? If not, all it takes is a simple click. Now, it's usually not a very wise idea to talk up the competition (and we have lots of it!), but I couldn't resist sharing this photo of the car for Carol's Special-Teas.

I don’t know Carol, nor do I know anything about her teas, but I do like her style when it comes to vehicles. Isn't the steam coming out of the teapot spout so cool? Since starting our bon bon business, Pascal and I have talked about having a Bon Bon Mobile, a special delivery vehicle that advertises our company. Pascal tends to think conservatively. In his opinion, a simple car magnet or window decal will do. I, of course, have ideas that are a bit more over the top. Now that I have proof that there is a tasty business out there with a tea-mobile on the West Coast, I'm even more hopeful that we can create a spiffy Bon Bon Mobile here on the East coast.  Got any ideas for the perfect Bon Bon delivery vehicle? I'd love to hear them...

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