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Come On Baby, Light Us On Fire!

You did it! You set our popularity meter on fire! And we can't thank you enough. We're holding strong in the competition to be named the nation's yummiest business in StartUpNation.com's contest. South 'n France has officially accrued enough votes to show that our bon bons are a hot product, but, it's not over yet! The competition continues until the end of the October, and we still want your support. Please keep on giving us your votes and your comments for the next few weeks.

Last week, someone called me the Sarah Palin of the chocolate world. I wasn't quite sure what that was supposed to mean. I'll take it as a compliment, even though I would have preferred being compared to Tina Fey. Sarah and I do have a few things in common: as young women, both of us competed in beauty pageants; we both like to wink; and we're both going to stay on the campaign trail until the final hour! But, here are some key differences between us (aside from our political views): my running mate is way cuter than hers; my agenda is completely bipartisan (who doesn't like chocolate bon bons?); and I can name all of the news sources I read. So, whether I'm the Palin of chocolate or not, I think it's only appropriate to say: "Vote, baby, vote!"


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