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Oooh Mama, That’s Good!

This week, foodies everywhere are reviewing our bon bons! Yesterday, we told you about a blogger who has eaten a different chocolate every day for years; she is now working her way through our seven signature bon bon flavors. 

South 'n France Bon Bons are also currently featured in the Foodie Mama Gift Guide. FoodieMama.com is a site where foodie moms share food advice, tips, recipes, and gift ideas. You can find everything from recipes for homemade baby food to tips on getting finicky kids to eat their veggies. While browsing the site, I even found a link to fun (or disgusting, depending on your point of view) Halloween food ideas like Kitty Litter Cake and Boogers on a Stick!

Halloween craziness aside, our bon bons really are in good company, hanging out with other tasty and tasteful products like Global Goodie T-Shirts and Onesies. (I see an escargot onesie in my little nephew's future!) How lucky for us that our reviewer lived in France and currently lives in the South, so she "got us" right away!  Her review starts with: They had me with three words: France, the South and chocolate. As they always say: "Mama knows best..."


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