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Will Next Season Go to the Dogs?

Tonight is the finale of this season's Project Runway and I'm on pins and needles. As I shared with you a couple of weeks ago, I've been watching each week's episode with friends and I'm completely hooked! Leanne has been my favorite designer from the first episode, but I'm happy to see Korto and Kenley in the final three. No one is more surprised then me that I'm actually pleased to see Kenley competing in the finale. For weeks, I railed at Kenley's whiny voice, ingratiating laugh and bad attitude. I was so appalled by her disrespectful back-talking to Tim Gunn and the panel of judges that I couldn't focus on her talent. But in last week's episode, she converted me with her bridal gown and bridesmaid dress.

Project Runway is always encouraging its designers to use original materials (like fresh produce, shower curtains and auto parts) in their designs. Then again, sometimes Tim Gunn discourages unusual materials. Remember last season when Chris studded his runway collection with human hair? And just last week, Tim advised Kenley to steer clear of rope as an accessory, but he applauded her feather-inspired bridal gown. I also thought it was pure genius until Michael Kors called Kenley out on heavily borrowing her inspiration from designer Alexander McQueen’s fall 2008 collection show in Paris earlier this year. What do you think?

We've yet to see a designer incorporate dog hair into a collection, but there's always next season. Take a look at these trendsetters who are already sporting fashion designs made from their dogs' hair! You can even buy a book on the subject entitled: Knitting With Dog Hair: Better A Sweater From A Dog You Know and Love Than From A Sheep You'll Never Meet.

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