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Where There's a "Will", There's a Way

This coming weekend, we're holding open reservations for our Grapes & Crepes Parties. At our parties, we teach you the art of making (and eating) crepes. We've yet to meet a person who didn't think that making crepes is fun.  And whether you're naturally great at cooking or naturally great at ordering take-out, we promise that this is one culinary skill you'll be able to master! In fact, we make three guarantees about our crepe-party experience: 1) you will enjoy a delicious meal, 2) you will have a really great time, and 3) you will leave with all of the secrets of a master crepe-maker. To prove our point, we'd like to share Willis Russell's story.  

Will is a young teen who lives in Maryland. His super-cool aunt lives here in Wilmington. How lucky are Willis and his sisters that their aunt is always spoiling them with unique and fun experiences? When the family came down to visit our area several months ago, his aunt organized a Grapes and Crepes Party. Will and his younger siblings all fully participated in the party (the youngest was so little she cooked at our worktable while kneeling on a stool). In fact, the kids made crepes with as much (and sometimes more!) skill than the adults. Will was a natural, instantly picking up the techniques that we teach. He enjoys cooking and watches The Food Network regularly, so when he returned home, Will made extra-sure that our crepe batter recipe was in his suitcase! The following weekend, he made crepes at home, following our instructions and refining the skills we taught him at the party.

Will now has quite a reputation for his crepe-making prowess, and this fun, inclusive activity is quickly becoming a tradition at family gatherings. So, when his Aunt drove up the coast to Maryland for a recent visit, Willis declared that Sunday morning's breakfast menu would be crepes. Here he is at home, crepe master in his kitchen! Will's raspberry-filled crepes with powdered sugar were so delicious, and his aunt was so impressed, that she called South 'n France from the breakfast table to share her delight! When she got home, she sent over these great photos. This, of course, delighted us too!

So, what are you waiting for? Come on over. Every family needs a "Will": where there’s a "Will", there is also a great way to have fun with your family! And, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we'll give you this helpful hint: making crepes is the perfect post-Thanksgiving meal. You can use that leftover turkey and ham to fill the crepes while keeping the whole family engaged in a fantastic bonding activity!


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