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Seeing and Tasting the Difference

We have a new customer who has always been a big chocolate lover. A co-worker recently introduced her to South 'n France Bon Bons, and she was so overcome that while eating our Coconut Bon Bon she called her boyfriend to say: "I want you to know that I have just tasted heaven!". Her very smart boyfriend got the hint and promptly called us to order our 16-piece Signature Polka Dot Heart, which was delivered to her office the next day. We spoke with our new customer later that week, and she said, "I just have to tell you that I still had some mass-produced 'luxury’'chocolate sitting around in a gold box. I picked one up, tasted it, and said: 'Ohmigosh!  I don't like this anymore; it tastes like a cheap candy bar.' I couldn't believe the difference now that I've been spoiled by your handmade, hand-dipped chocolates!"


We thought that seeing the difference might better help you understand why our taste is so different. Here are some images of equipment most chocolates are made with versus the simple equipment we use to make our delicious product. As the French would say: "Vive la différence!"
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