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Fete Accomplie

When Kate called to organize her sister's birthday party, little did she know that "Hanna" would get in the way! The party was scheduled for the same night that Hurricane Hanna was due to hit Wilmington. Since many of these ladies work at the hospital and must remain on site for emergency storms, and since we've never attempted a Bon Bon Party without electricity, we all decided to give in to Mother Nature and reschedule the party. Ironically, a few weeks later, when the newly scheduled date arrived, we had another storm with heavy rains and winds. It was literally raining sideways and the conditions were much worse than the actual ruckus created by Hanna. This time, though, the girls braved the weather and showed up ready to party. Our amazing photographer Millie Holloman and her assistant photographer, Amanda, also came to conduct a photo shoot. Thanks to this fun group, we were able to capture the spirit of our Bon Bon and Champagne Parties and freshen up the images on our website.

We're already booking for the holidays, so now is the time to make your reservations for our Bon Bon and Champagne Parties or our Grapes and Crepes Parties. We'll be ready for you, rain, sleet, or snow!

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