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Chocolate for Breakfast

In France, the idea of chocolate for breakfast is perfectly normal. A pain au chocolat (wonderfully flaky bread like a croissant with chocolate in the middle) and a chocolat chaud (a big bowl of steaming hot chocolate) is perfectly à propos. Last week in Paris, it might have been the breakfast of choice during the Salon du Chocolat 2008.  Take a look at this blog called Paris Breakfasts by artist Carol Gillott. She lives in New York, but travels to Paris as often as she can to paint watercolors of the dreamy stuff found in Paris' pastry and chocolate shops. This blog post chronicles her visit to the famous Parisian Chocolate Expo. Wouldn't you like to have her life?  Read this interview with Carol, and I bet you won't be surprised by what she eats for breakfast! To see more of her artwork, click here.

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