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Food Recognition

So, it's happened again! Another foodie-focused company, GourmetByMail.com has recognized our bon bons as a must-have, must-give gourmet treat for this holiday season. The site offers food articles, free recipes, kitchen tips and the hottest ideas for gourmet shoppers. We're very proud that our 16-Piece Bon Bon Snowman was the Editor's Pick. 

Speaking of food recognition, while browsing the GourmetByMail site, I found this astonishing article about a study that demonstrated that many kids cannot recognize common fruits and vegetables. According to the study, commissioned by a restaurant chain in the U.K., one in three kids didn't know what celery looks like! Only 9 out of the 200 children polled recognized a turnip, and just 3 kids in the group could identify an artichoke. Perhaps the most shocking was that 1 in 5 couldn't recognize a potato! Like the editor, I'm sure the kids would have had no problems recognizing French fries and tater tots, though.


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