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Inspirational Cotton

In a few months, we'll be celebrating our third full year in business. I have two outfits that I wear regularly as The Bon Bon Queen, but as we reach the end of Year Three, I've been longing for a third look. One look per year is more than reasonable for a queen, n'est-ce pas?


Of course, I can't shop for my outrageous ensembles at department stores, so I started with a little creative internet research. Online, I found a pattern for a perfectly regal gown, which I plan to have custom-made by the Queen Mother (who happens to be an expert seamstress!). My signature pink hat won't work with this future addition to my wardrobe, so I started looking for a suitable headpiece. It didn't take long to find my inspiration through artist, Will Cotton. Mr. Cotton paints unique and humorous fantasy paintings of glamorous women in a cotton-candy inspired world. You can enjoy some of his work here.  Which fabulously imaginative look will I be adopting? Stay tuned for the grand unveiling at the 2009 Chocolate Festival... 

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