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Making a Bon Bon Snowman

If you haven't already received one, our holiday catalog should be delivered to your front door this week. Each year, our catalog serves double duty as marketing for our product line, but also as our annual holiday greeting to you. We create a story, a poem or a song that we hope will make you smile and convey our best wishes for a joy-filled holiday and a happy new year. This year, with the help of talented graphic designer, Brent Holloman,we came up with the idea of a snowman made out of bon bons. We were also inspired by the classic song and cartoon, Frosty the Snowman, the movie, Elf , and the Office Max "Elf Yourself" Campaign.

The photo shoot for the creation of our snowman was a lot of fun. I came prepared with bon bons of all shapes and sizes, an assortment of miniature winter weather accessories from Barbie's closet, and a miniature carrot that I extracted from a basket of assorted vegetables I found in the doll house department of our local craft store. First we created the three-bon-bon snowman using toothpicks to anchor the "right" bon bons into place. Next we tried styling the snowman with accessories. The scale of the scarves and hats was wrong (Barbie is much taller than a bon bon snowman), but the vintage earmuffs purchased on Ebay did the trick. The carrot looked great, but there was still something missing. "Twigs", I said. "He needs twig arms." So, we headed outside to sweep the ground for good-looking twigs. Satisfied with our twig hunt, we returned to the studio to get some shots of our snowman. 

I love hanging out with other creative people because magical ideas always bubble to the surface. Somehow, as we worked with the snowman and talked about how we had to work fast (he was bound to melt soon under those hot lights), we came up with the idea of making a 'melted' - or even better - an 'eaten' version of our snowman. Brent removed the twigs, the carrot, and the earmuffs and sprinkled just the right amount of crumbled chocolate around to achieve the effect. We loved it! We named our snowman "Leon" in homage to Elf. His cute little eyes and smile are the handiwork of Brent and his incredible PhotoShop skills. 

Et voila! A bon bon snowman was born, and the concept for the cover of our 2008 Holiday Catalog was conceived. We hope you enjoy reading this year's story and seeing the other surprises inside...


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