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Why We Love Our Customers Reason #235

Listing reasons why we love our customers is a regular feature on our blog. Y'all have been so good to us lately that we just had to share another:

#235: You Bring Us (and Sing Us) Cool Stuff!
At our last Dinner and a Movie Series, we were joined by a customer with a severe onion allergy. This proved to be a big challenge since it seems that there is onion in almost every French savory dish (the only things on that menu without some form of onion integrated into the recipe were the cheese platter and the dessert!) Because she gave us lots of advance notice, we were able to accommodate her special need (Pascal even made her an individual portion of potatoes gratinées sans onion). Our client was so grateful for this consideration that she brought us a fun stash of Halloween-themed cocktail napkins as a 'thank you'. They were the perfect festive touch for our Halloween Chocolate and Pumpkin Crepes Party at the Wilmington Wine Shoppe.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, when our holiday catalog was hitting mailboxes across the country, the phone rang. It was one of our beloved customers and her charming little girl, Catherine Grace. They had read our holiday bon bon story together and called to sing us their rendition of "Leon the Bon Bon", our parody of the Frosty the Snowman. It was an incredible performance that’s had us smiling for weeks.

Recently, a former caterer booked a Bon Bon and Champage Party at our place for a baby shower. She and her family have a great sense of humor; and they're also very generous. As we passed hors d'oeuvres at the beginning of the party, our ex-catering customer offered to bring us some silver trays and platters she no longer uses. True to her word, she arrived about a week later with a lovely assortment of silver she had collected at estate sales and garage sales over the years. Our favorite is a gorgeous engraved tray that says: "Booty and Mozelle, 25th Anniversary, August 20, 1973". It's got the perfect personality for our eclectic sensibilities - wiith names like Booty and Mozelle, you just know that couple knew how to party. We're happy they'll be joining our celebrations from now on.

So thanks, dear customers, for making so many of our days feel like Christmas; we love the cool stuff you bring us!


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