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The More, The Merrier

Our place is a very popular spot for baby showers, and the day after Thanksgiving we held our biggest baby shower ever! Our normal capacity for our Bon Bon and Champagne Parties and Grapes and Crepes Parties is 10-16 guests (and we're able to accommodate up to 20 people for custom events). But one local family needed us to stretch the rules as they honored the "queen" in their family, Keenan. You see, Keenan's aunt (who coordinated the party) has 17 brothers and sisters! With mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and close friends, it was impossible to pare the guest list down to less than 24 women. "Can you handle us?", Aunt Annie asked.  "If you’re willing to have a standing room only bon bon-making lesson, the more the merrier", I replied. And so it was that we undertook our first (and super-fun!) standing-room only bon bon demo.  

Keenan, the guest of honor, (the family calls her "Queen-an") is a true Southern belle. She is beautiful and talented with a razor-sharp wit. (That's her ‘cartoon’ image so you'll be able to identify her in the photos below). Aunt Annie directed me to her website and blog, where I have literally spent hours laughing at her hilarious accounts of her former life in pageant world (a rite of passage for almost all Southern girls) and her current life in New York City. If you like Sweet Potato Queen Jill Conner Browne, you'll love Queenan! Incidentally, she calls her husband, her "Sweet Potato". Queenan sells funny T-shirts with sayings like "I May Not Be Much, But I'm All I Think About" and "I May Have to Stab Her in the Eye"; she shares delicious recipes (focusing on two of the best food groups, cocktails and carbohydrates); and she offers an ingenious service called "Mail Polish", where she will "coat your correspondence with just the right color".

Naturally, everyone was eager to treat Keenan like the Queen that she is, so they brought the "funnest", frilliest, most fabulous baby gifts I have ever seen. (Of course, Keenan is having a girl; doesn't every Queen need a little princess?) While wearing a tiara, she un-wrapped hot pink tutus, pink embroidered fur-lined snow boots, sassy baby hats, and outfits that screamed "Ooh la la!"  I wished they made everything in big girl sizes; I wanted one of everything!

When the loot had all been opened, we moved on to the main attraction. Every generation of the family got in on the bon bon-making act and in no time these sweet Southern belles had transformed the shower into a raunchy, rowdy, rollickin' good time.  Pascal, of course, was in heaven! We both fell in love with every one of the beautiful women in this big, happy family (the dav before they had celebrated one of their most intimate Thanksgivings ever with just 38 people at the table!). They certainly proved the cliché, "the more, the merrier", and they also proved our theory that families are lot like bon bons: lots of little sweeties with a few nuts thrown in!

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