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Now That's a Big Bon Bon!

I've been known to use the expression "a bon bon in the oven". In fact, in our May newsletter, I wrote: "Don't forget to check our calendar to see where I'll be next... on the radio and live-and-in-person for another Bon Bon Tasting next week. You'll also learn where we're going on vacation and who has a little bon bon in the oven!" The Father's Day entry on that month's calendar announced that my baby brother, Chad and my sister-in-law, Cara were expecting. I never imagined that a sizeable percentage of our clients would interpret that sentence to mean that I was pregnant! In recent months, I've had a lot of explaining to do; sadly, the only baby I've been carrying around is a food baby!

It has been a joy to watch Cara, whom we affectionately refer to as "the ultimate baby-maker", throughout her pregnancy. She was a glowing mother-to-be who made the entire nine months of her pregnancy look effortless.! By the end of her term, she had the cutest (and biggest!) baby belly ever. She went into a very long labor on Wednesday morning, December 3rd and delivered our new nephew, Baby Carter, on December 4th at 6:28 pm.

When we first started our company and enlisted the entire family to help with our launch, we had to re-direct Chad from bon bon rolling to other tasks. Chad is a big guy, and his hands were so large he could only roll super-sized bon bons. True to form, Chad and Cara's "little bon bon in the oven" was a big one. Carter weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces and measured 22 inches at birth! He was so big that the nurses had to immediately graduate him from newborn diapers to the 3-month size. In the photos, taken the day he came home from the hospital, Carter is wearing the baby sweater his Dad wore thirty years ago.

We are all in love with this cute little guy. In fact, he's already proving to be a (happy) distraction during our busy holiday season. Instead of solely packing and shipping our little bon bons as per normal seasonal operations, we find ourselves plotting ways to get over to this big bon bon so we can hold him, watch him, cuddle him, and marvel in his perfection. Congratulations Chad and Cara, and thanks for bringing another future bon bon roller into the family! If he follows in his Dad's footsteps, his hands should be the perfect size by the time he reaches the age of eight!


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