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Au Naturel

One of the best parts of my job is working with our friend and photographer Millie Holloman to come up with interesting new ways to showcase our product. For quite some time, Millie had the idea of shooting our seven different bon bon flavors on top of the raw, natural products we use to make each delicious morsel. One early morning in November, I showed up at her studio with a suitcase full of food: peanuts, coffee beans, chocolate chips and unshelled pistachios. While Millie worked her magic behind the camera, I pulled apart chocolate sandwich cookies, shucked pistachios until my hands hurt, cut brownies and fudge, and poured mounds of chocolate chips and coconut onto the photography table. Sometimes the smell of each ingredient was so overpowering, poor Millie (who is not a morning person) didn't know if she could stomach it - those coffee beans and fresh peanuts were especially strong! Millie's staff really enjoyed the shoot, helping to make sure the brownies, the fudge and the bon bon halves didn't go to waste. Here are the results, which I think speak for themselves. Isn't it easy to identify each flavor when placed on a backdrop of the ingredients 'au naturel'?

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