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Little Kid in a Big Kitchen

We used to ponder whether we were smarter than a fifth-grader; now, we have to wonder whether we cook better than a kindergartner! Rachel Ray isn't the only pint-sized chef making waves in the kitchen; meet five-year-old Julian Kreusser. Julian has his own cooking show in Portland called "The Big Kitchen with Food" (actually it’s called "The Big Kitchen with Food with Julian", which doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, but I'm willing to give the kid a break). After being featured in a front-page article of The Oregonian, his incredible story was picked up by foodie bloggers throughout cyberspace, causing a big online stir. Julian isn't just home-schooled, he's unschooled, which means that he directs his own learning. At the age of three, he expressed an interest in cooking and at the age of four, when he saw a cooking show, on Oregon PBS, he decided to create his own. He even wrote the show's theme song! It always helps to have an 'in' in the business: Julian's contact was his dad, who edits the show and works for the community television station. Julian's Mom directs each episode, while his younger sister (age 1.5 years) works the light switch. If you follow the link to watch episodes of the show, beware! I couldn't stop watching as Julian gave comprehensive instructions on how to prepare easy, yet delicious dishes. Sometimes he forgets the names of ingredients, in which case he consults with his Mom sotto voce. I was charmed by Julian and his culinary knowledge, but others give the little foodie less than favorable reviews. Still, I predict it won't be long before his show goes national and Julian Kreusser becomes a household name. Julian, if you're looking for special guests, just give us a call!


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