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Yummy "Mini" Art

Pascal and I really appreciate food art. In the past, I've blogged about food artists Carl Warner and Joost Elffers, author of the Play with Your Food book series. Recently, we had the pleasure of discovering Akiko Ida and Pierre Javelle. Their art gives a whole new meaning to the expression "petits fours"; Akiko is Japanese and Pierre is French; they met studying at the school of "Arts Décoratifs" in Paris. Their shared interests include food, photography, comic books, and art. They combined their passions to create a fabulous collection food art. Their work is showcased on the website Minimiam, a play on words for the French expression "Miam! Miam!" or "Yum! Yum!". They use food to create landscapes in which miniature people live, work, and play. Visit the art gallery, where a close-up photo (left) first appears on the screen. Try to guess which foods are being used as the landscape before the second photo (right) appears onscreen. We bet you'll be fooled at least once! I particularly loved the ice skaters and the men on the moon. I never would have thought of making a "moon" out of crème brulée! There is just one problem with food art - every time I visit a site like Minimiam, those gorgeous pastries and colorful vegetables make me hungry!
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