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Why We Love Our Customers: Reason #398

How do we love you? We're still counting the ways. Here's another one on our ever-growing list:

#398: You take great vacation photos!

Our customers are a well-traveled group; we love hearing about your trips to Australia, Italy, Japan, Germany and other fascinating places. What we love even more is that you think of us while you're traveling the world. We're especially honored when you see something bon-bon-related and include it in your vacation pics. Last year, Gretchen spotted a Bon Bon Queen imposter on her trip to China. This year, Emily (who calls herself "one of our loyal party-goers") snapped this great shot. Emily and her family spent a week in Vietnam, where they adopted her son, Kiah. She said that when they spotted Café Bon Bon in the city of Hanoi, we immediately came to mind. She took a few photos from different angles and emailed them to us upon her return. We hope that one day we'll have an entire 'bon bon voyage' photo album, so keep on snapping those cameras while you're out there traveling!

Thanks, Emily, and congratulations on the newest addition to your beautiful family.


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