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About Dilly-Dallying

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom and I planned a girls' shopping trip in Raleigh. I worked a half-day and then drove with her up to Raleigh for an afternoon and evening of shopping. We spent the night in a nearby hotel so we could hit the stores again the next morning for more bargain hunting. Pascal loves it when I take these trips. He stays home and gets to live what he considers the ideal temporary bachelor's life: eating fried pork chops and watching "guy" movies. 

So, I wasn't at all surprised when I returned home from my shopping marathon to find him sitting on the sofa, eating sardines, and watching a Steve McQueen movie. I unpacked my new purchases and settled in beside Pascal (once he'd finished those smelly sardines) to watch the final movie of his film fest: About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson. We'd seen the movie before, but Pascal is a huge Nicholson fan; Pascal particularly likes Nicholson's cranky old man roles which comprise much of the actor's body work. Early on in About Schmidt, Nicholson's movie wife says: "Don't dillydally!"

"Deal-ee Dah-lee?", asked Pascal. "What does this mean?"
I explained the concept of dillydallying (to waste time, especially by stopping often) and gave him an example using one of our family members who is infamous for dillydallying. (You know who you are!) 
"Deal-ee Dah-lee", Pascal repeated, trying the word on for size. "It's perfect."
And then, a few minutes later:
"Deal-ee Dah-lee... I love this word!"
A little later, I've given up on the film and moved on to checking my emails, but I hear Pascal's infamous giggle from the other room followed by a sigh and another "Deal-ee Dah-lee".
He lingered on that word for the rest of the evening, and I just know that he's waiting for the perfect moment to introduce it into a conversation. As his wife and business partner, I can only hope that it's the sound of the word he enjoys and not the concept!

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