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Recipe 4 Love

One of my favorite things about the month of February is candy conversation hearts. I don't like to eat them, but I love the way they look with their cute little sayings and that gorgeous pastel color palette. So what do I do with my candy hearts? I turn them into flower arrangements. The idea was inspired by a Martha Stewart magazine I read years ago, and it's not too difficult to replicate. Here's the "recipe" for this fun Valentine’s Day bouquet:

1 Large Vase

1 Smaller Vase that will sit inside the Large Vase, leaving enough room for conversation hearts
1 Bouquet of pastel tulips or flowers of your choosing
1 Cup or so of water
1 Penny (or capful of bleach, or whatever you use to keep your flowers fresh)
1 Generous Dose of Patience

Nestle the smaller vase inside the large vase.  Gently slide the conversation hearts between the two vases, taking care to position them so that the words are visible.  After you fill all of the space between the two vases with the hearts, fill the smaller inside vase with water, taking care not to spill any water on the candy. (I've done this, and it is not pretty!). Cut the flowers and arrange them in the vase. Et voila! You have a stunning Valentine's centerpiece or dare I say... conversation piece?

Necco is the company that's most famous for their Sweethearts Conversation Hearts. Each year, they unveil a new theme for their candy heart sayings. We were thrilled to discover that this is the year for cuisine-themed hearts. The sayings are: Recipe 4 Love, Table 4 Two, Stir My Heart, Top Chef, Sugar Pie, My Treat, Yum Yum, Honey Bun and Spice It Up

Want to create your own conversation hearts? Necco says you can do it, but you must purchase a full production run: 3500 pounds or 1.5 million conversation hearts! If you'd like to buy a little less than 3500 pounds of custom-made candy, we suggest considering our hand-dipped chocolate bon bons

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