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I Love You, My Little Hen

The French are known for being geniuses at love; in part because their language is so pleasing to the ear, the sweet talkin' just seems to drip effortlessly off the tongue.

With their love of fine cuisine, it's also not surprising that many French terms of endearment are food-related. The French may "take the cake" when it comes to romance, but some of their "sweeties" and "honeys" don't sound nearly as appealing when translated into English:

Mon petit chou - my little cabbage
Ma cocotte - my hen
Ma poule - also my hen
Mon poussin - my chick
Ma crotte - my dropping (think rabbit dropping; yes, really!); also refers to a small, round goat cheese
Mon canard  -  my duck
Mon cochon -  my pig
Mon coco  -  my egg
Ma mie  -  the soft part of bread - the opposite of the crust
Mon lapin -  my rabbit
Ma caille - my quail
Mon sucre d'orge  -  my barley sugar
Mon coeur en sucre - my heart made of sugar

Mon trognon  -  my (fruit) core (like an apple or a pear core)

You may not want to call your sweetheart your "little apple core" or "little rabbit dropping" this Valentine's Day (though I confess that I love it when Pascal calls me his "poule" [hen]). But if you'd like a little French inspiration for more traditional phrases such as: "Be My Valentine" and "My Heart is Yours" and "Your Are the Sunshine of My Life", check out Bonjour.com, a site that teaches you how to write and pronounce useful romantic phrases in French.

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