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Spell It Out!

This weekend, it's all about chocolate love! Join us at the Wilmington Chocolate Festival or the Carolina Chocolate Festival in Morehead City, for an all-you-can-eat chocolate love-fest. We'll have lots of fun ideas for how you can turn bon bons into an even more romantic and meaningful Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie. Here are just a few of them:

Spell it out. Spell out "I Love You" (or another romantic message of your choosing) with bon bons. Place your words of affection on a plate or platter inside the fridge for your loved one to discover.

Hide your affection. Hide an antique key inside the box of bon bons (or tie it on with ribbon) with a message: "Because you're so sweet, I'm giving you the key to my heart."
Ship your heart. Want to ship something extra special to a sweetie who lives far away? Bring or send us your special Valentine Card; we'll include it in the shipment of bon bons and ensure that is gets there in time for Valentine's Day.

Create anticipation. Hide notes all over the house and send your sweetie on a treasure hunt, with bon bons hiding in the freezer or fridge as the final surprise!

Joke around. Slip a tin of our gourmet chocolate bon bons inside an empty box of bran cereal or some other "un-romantic" packaging and re-seal it with double-sided tape. Wrap it up as if its your gift. A few seconds of shocked disappointment will turn to days of delight when the unromantic and not-so-great tasting box of bran is opened to reveal our delectable bon bons.

Sleep on it. Make bon bons the final surprise of a romantic evening. Create your own turn-down service and place one bon bon and a flavor card on the pillow. Hide the rest of the box or tin underneath the pillow for a dreamy surprise.

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