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The Bon Bon Bar

About a month ago, South 'n France had the privilege of participating in a Bridal Open House at The Balcony. Thanks to its prime downtown location, its gorgeous historic brick-exposed walls and hardwood floors, and its amazing director, Jill, The Balcony is one of the hottest wedding reception venues in the area. The old adage says: "Always surround yourself with the right people" and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by all of the right people: some of the best in the wedding industry! The first floor was beautifully decorated by Jennifer of Salt Harbor design (check out the details on photographer Millie Holloman’s blog. I got to enjoy passing out samples and speaking with future brides and grooms while listening to the gorgeous stylings of violinist Maura Kropke (who studied at the Alliance Francaise in New York City and also speaks fluent French). For lunch, I ate a few of the tasty parmesan crips with tomato topping made by The Balcony chefs. I finished it off with a fabulous Coconut and Cream Cheese cupcake by wedding cake designer Nicki MacRae for dessert. In fact, we were really spoiled by bakers that day! Pascal couldn't attend the event, but the guys at Flower & Flour in Carolina Beach sent me home with a stash of macaroons for him to enjoy.  

I was there to promote South 'n France Bon Bons custom wedding and party favors as well as a great alternative to the traditional boxed wedding favors: The Bon Bon Bar. Our Bon Bons were housed in really cool apothecary jars as a decadent treat for the guests. Each jar contains dozens of one bon bon flavor and has a lid with a tag to indicate the flavor. Guests at the wedding reception are invited to take a goody bag (do you see them on the antique credenza?) and fill it with the flavors they like best.  The bags (see a close-up on Millie’s blog) had this "love story" printed on them: 

Bag of Treats

Once upon a very first date, David brought Jennifer a box of chocolate bon bons. In that moment, she was hooked. On David too! Enjoy!

Now that's an idea that's sweet, chic and bon bon, n'est-ce pas?

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