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Tell Me the Truth

Last week, I told you about the fun I had at The Balcony's Bridal Event Open House. But I didn't tell you the entire story... When the Open House was over and all of the future brides and groom and their families had left, photographer Millie Holloman and her staff turn their cameras on to the vendors. Millie's team is always coming up with fantastic, cutting-edge ideas and they introduced their newest product (a concept I just love!) at the Open House. It's called The Truth Booth.

The Truth Booth is a special photography booth set up at a wedding reception or party. All of the guests are invited to step into The Truth Booth and model for the camera. The idea is that "the truth will set you free". Who wants to pose for stiff formal photographs or smile with one hand around the shoulders of your date and a cocktail in the other? With the help of a few fun props and the photographers in The Truth Booth, you can let down hair down, loosen your tie, and reveal your true personality.

I grabbed the apothecary jar of Pistachio bon bons, a vintage fur wrap and a pistachio-green hat from The Truth Booth trunk of props; then I started hamming it up for the camera. Amanda Holloman got this shot. Be sure to check out The Truth Booth website - it's tons of fun. One of my favorite photos is of a guy who wrapped himself in an entire roll of tin foil!

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