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Do YOU Wanna Be Like Peg?

Married... with Children character Peg Bundy just might be the most famous bon bon-eating woman there is. Actress Katey Segal did a brilliant job of developing the character, a low-class, sex-starved wife of a shoe salesman. In fact, Segal was largely responsible for Peg's signature look; she brought her own large red bouffant wig when she auditioned for the role. By adding capris-length leggings, a large belt, an off-the-shoulder top, and high slip-on heels, Peg Bundy became the height of trash-fabulous!

I idolize Katey Segal for having not one, but two successful careers. Before making it as an actress, Katy was a backup singer for the likes of Olivia Newton-John, Etta James, and my heroine, Bette Midler. Talk about divine! But, it never occurred to me to idolize Peg Bundy... that is until I read Becoming Peg Bundy by Stephanie Hope Georgopulos. Stephanie writes: "Peggy Bundy lived the American Dream. She chilled on the couch all day long eating chocolate bonbons, but never gained a pound. Her husband worked at a shoe store. She preferred watching Oprah and frequenting strip clubs to housework. If that's not enough, she wore animal print like it would never go out of style. We should all aspire to be half the woman Peggy Bundy was."

In her quest to become more like Peg, Stephanie discovers the Bumpit (a hair accessory that gives you the Bundy hair bump - I'm so buying one of these!), Three Olives Chocolate Flavored Vodka, and of course, South 'n France Bon Bons. You simply must read Stephanie's entire journey into the world of Peg Bundy; I'm still laughing days later. It's the funniest, the sassiest, and the most risqué review of our bon bons I've encountered thus far. Peg would be proud.

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