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Room with a View

I've been having pleasant dreams lately. Daydreams, that is. Of spending a night in this hotel room with a spectacular view of my favorite city.  If you're going to be in Paris in the next couple of months, this dream view could become your reality. This is the Everland Hotel, a one-room hotel/art installation designed and built by the artist duo L/B (Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann). For the past several months, this incredible room has been parked on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo, right in front of the Eiffel Tower. It will be there until the end of May. Check out the cool photos and video tours on the Everland website.  

The idea behind this project is to offer visitors an opportunity to experience a piece of art from within. This one-room hotel is one-of-a-kind; it can't be modified and there are no plans to build more. After all, from an economic standpoint, a traveling one-room hotel doesn’t make a lot of sense. Guests can only book a one-night stay and are considered an integral part of the project. To keep the system as democratic as possible, one night is released for booking every day, always at a different time, working on the principle of chance. The room rate was set at 333 Euros for a week night and 444 Euros for a weekend night's stay, but from what I can tell, the booking system requires not only lots of luck, but also lots of money. EBay bids for one of the few remaining one-night-stays were up to $1200 when I last checked.  

The Everland (which has been on tour in a few different European cities) has lots of fabulous features. At each location, the exhibit partners with an established hotel that provides reception, cleaning, and other amenities. The public can visit the hotel during the day (like an art museum), but it is reserved for guests from 6 pm until checkout at noon the following day. In exchange for an unforgettable private view, guests have to forget about total privacy, as the big round window at the end of the room has no curtain or shade. Other great features of this capsule-shaped room includes a mini bar where everything is free, breakfast delivered to the room, and towels with gold embroidery naming the city (Leipzig, Paris, etc.) that guests are allowed to take with them as a souvenir. How cool is that? The room has a mod seventies-disco-style décor (a trademark of the artists) and even boasts a record player and record collection (I noticed Prince's Purple Rain album in the photos - not bad!). 

Time is running out, so I probably won't get to enjoy a night of sweet dreams as an Everland hotel guest. But as an art installation, the piece did exactly what it intended to do. I checked myself in to a temporary dream world where my imagination had a most pleasant stay...

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