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Silhouette of a Bicyclette

Springtime has arrived in North Carolina; our cherry tree is in full blossom, the birds are chirping around our garden, and a cool breeze mingles with the sunshine. I'm in the mood to pull out my old bicycle, polish it up, and go for a spin. I've always dreamt of being one of those French women who does her daily shopping on a well-used bicycle. I'd wear a jaunty scarf around my neck that flutters in the wind as I make my way through the village, filling my bicycle basket with vegetables, cheeses, baguettes, and a bottle of wine (perhaps a bottle of Red Bicyclette?). Artist Katharine Gracey captures the idea beautifully in her series of French bicycle posters. If the image of a bicycle with an empty basket isn't enough to inspire you to take your own "tour de vélo", then this creative short by Canadian video artist Andrea Dorfman will.
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