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Hanging by a Thread?

Devorah Sperber's art hangs by several thousand. Two Sundays ago, my brother Chad suggested that we take advantage of "Be a Tourist in Your Own Town Day". New Hanover County museums were open to the public free of charge, encouraging residents to take advantage of the cultural opportunities available to us. After picking up the "art" Chad and I had made in a glass blowing class the day before (marbles this time), Pascal, Chad, Cara, Baby Carter and I set out for the Cameron Art Museum. This was 3-month-old Carter's first dose of the cultural arts, and he didn't seem too impressed; he slept through the entire visit. But one art installation really impressed the rest of us: After the Mona Lisa 2 by visual artist Devorah Sperber. Ms. Sperber uses everyday items like beads, pipe cleaners and marker caps to represent pixels of well-known images (The Last Supper, The Mona Lisa, Andy Warhol's Tomato Soup Can, Dr. Spock from Star Trek, etc.). Her favorite medium is thread. The installation of an inverted Mona Lisa that we saw is comprised of 5,184 spools of thread hanging from metal chains. Because Sperber's work is meant to explore the links between art, science, and technology in the digital age, a viewing sphere in front of the installation allows you to see the image as the eye would normally see it (as a smaller, right-side-up, un-pixelated version). This article gives a great overview of Devorah Sperber as an artist (you can see a picture of her too).

Thread company Coats & Clark provides partial funding for Sperber's thread spool works. We couldn't help but wonder if my Mom (a seamstress by trade with an extensive collection of threads, fabrics, and sewing supplies) has enough thread to make her own art installation. What iconic image could we make with her thread? Like all good art, this installation got my creative juices flowing and has inspired me to look at things differently. I can't wait to find a way to introduce a Sperber-esque idea into my own life. Meanwhile, in researching this blog post, I found a great decorating suggestion for Chad's bathroom, a VW Bus made of flower decals on a shower curtain. Now that's what I call 'groovy'.

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