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Bon Bon Mobile Inspiration Continues….

A while back, I wrote about a teapot car that inspires us as we plot, plan, dream and scheme for our own Bon Bon Mobile. My brothers, my Dad and my husband, have always maintained that the perfect South 'n France Bon Bon Mobile would be a vintage Citroën. I'm cool with that if it can look like the one that 44-year-old mechanic and Picasso fan, Andy Saunders designed. Saunders, a resident of Dorset, England, spent six months converting his old Citroen 2CV into a cubist work inspired by Pablo Picasso. He estimates it value at close to a million pounds. The price tag is a bit steep, so our search continues. I think we may have stumbled upon the best option yet.

Chad discovered these cool small business delivery trucks at the Microcar Museum in Madison, Georgia. Called the Goggomobil Transporter (love the name!), these adorable mini corporate vehicles were manufactured in Germany in the late 50's-early 60's. Only a few thousand were made, and now less than 100 survive. The Goggomobil was hugely successful because it was a "real" car in miniature. The car was offered in three body styles, all mounted on the same chassis. There was a 4-seater sedan, or limousine, a stylish 2-seat coupe, and for the small businessman a petit delivery van called the Kleintransporter. Wouldn't you just love to see one of these in pink with brown polka'dot bon bons and the South 'n France logo? Too cute!

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