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A Truckload of Bon Bons

I love everything about the Spring: cool, sunny days, pastel-colored everything, Easter bonnets, and our bon bon packaging. Since we started our company, I've been on a continual search for the perfect packaging. I have an idea for our "dream packaging", but designing and ordering one's own custom boxes is an expensive proposition generally reserved for chocolatiers who have already graduated to the big league and can order by the truckload. As a company that's still playing in the "little league", we're obligated to source and buy stock packaging available to all small businesses. Problem is, I don't really like the options these providers offer. 
In the very beginning, I solved the problem by making my own packaging, usually embellishing stock tins and boxes that looked much better with a little creative help.  But, eventually our sales grew to a level where making my own tins and boxes was no longer an option.  I had to find other creative, less time-consuming solutions to our packaging dillemma. 

My all-time favorite solution thus far is our Easter packaging, and I look forward to it every year.  We order these egg cartons from a company that supplies the egg industry. Made using recycled PETE material (the same recycled plastic used to make soft drink bottles), they're not only environmentally friendly, we think they're tres cute! Our bon bons are nestled on a mixture of spring green and kelly green biodegradable paper fill to resemble Easter grass.  And since our bon bons are always handmade with fresh ingredients and since there are no additives or preservatives, it's a wonderful Spring gift idea for any bunny.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon www.stumbleupon.com,  a great site that searches the internet for you. StumbleUpon led me to the most charming website for creative types, www.inspirecompany.com, where I found another link to Marilyn Scott Water's site www.thetoymaker.com.  There, Marilyn offers  a (free!) template for a bon bon favor box so cute that it made me wish I were back in the days of creating my own packaging. If you're looking for a fun Spring craft with a truckload of sweet vintage style, look no further.  And remember that we'll be happy to fill your chocolate trucks with as many bon bons as they can carry. 

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