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Better Than the Bottom of a Cracker Jack Box

In the olden days, the toys in Cracker Jack boxes made for wonderful surprises - metal boats and airplanes, magnifying glasses, pirate eye patches, tiny figurines and secret decoder rings. Today, collectors clamor for these vintage collectibles. Sadly, by the time I was a kid, the prizes hidden in the Cracker Jack boxes were pretty lame. I mostly remember temporary tattoos and fun facts (which weren't that fun at all). It seems that these days the prizes are even worse; this blogger wrote about receiving a puzzle piece!  Yes, that's right; not an entire puzzle; just one little cardboard puzzle piece.

When I first went to France as a teenager, I was delighted to discover Kinder Eggs. Having grown up on Cadbury Creme eggs available only at Easter time (they were the highlight of our Easter egg hunts), I was thrilled to see that Kinder Eggs are sold year 'round. Instead of a sugary gooey center that resembles egg whites and an egg yolk, Kinder eggs are hollow. The "yolk" is a plastic capsule that contains a really cool toy prize. 

When Pascal learned about my fascination with Kinder eggs, he started buying them for me as treats, often hiding them under my pillow. To this day, some of the Kinder prizes I found in those eggs peek out from behind books on my bookshelves, reminding me of the childlike delight of receiving a treat with a cool prize, no matter what your age. Here is one person's collection of Kinder surprises. Much better than what you find at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box, n'est-ce pas?

This Easter weekend, Pascal and I wish you lots of wonderful surprises. Whether you get bon bons, bunnies, Peeps, or at least one Cadbury egg (like me), we hope you'll have a very sweet holiday! Don't forget to join us at our Open House tomorrow night - we'll have lots of fun surprises for you here, too!


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