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Washing Out Your Mouth with Bon Bons?

Last week, I showed you no-calorie crocheted bon bons. This week, I had to share chocolate soap bon bons!

According to the manufacturer, fetosoap.com, these bon bon-shaped soaps look and smell like real chocolate. They are made with cocoa powder and high-quality creamy goat's milk soap. It's too bad these didn't exist when I was a kid; it would have been a much more pleasurable way to have my mouth washed out with soap. Nowadays, sites like Wikipedia define getting one's mouth washed out with soap as a form of corporal punishment!

But it also reminded me of that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where a toon weasel gets his mouth washed out with soap for using bad language, causing him to hiccup soap bubbles. Speaking of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, here's a video clip of Jessica Rabbit's unforgettable nightclub scene dubbed in French. You can hear what Betty Boop and Eddie Valiant sound like when they speak French. To paraphrase Jessica, "They're not bad... they're just dubbed that way." Somebody pass the bon bon soap...

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