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Our First Wine & Dine Party Reviews Are In...

Last week, we conducted a pre-launch trial of our newest Wine & Dine Party. Three groups came on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to experience our three different versions of a fun, unique, and educational French wine tasting. We discussed all sorts of things from wine renegade Michel Picard's rise to fame (that's his château pictured here) to why the French put serial numbers on corks. We are most grateful to our gourmet "guinea pigs" for their participation and their feedback. At the end of each pre-launch evening, we gave a simple poll to our guests. Here's what they had to say:

Our Question: Did you learn anything new at the Wine & Dine Party? If so, what "take-aways" will you remember?  ("Remember" being the key word after sampling four different types of wine!)

Some of Their Answers: 
How to read wine labels                                                 
How to pair foods with wine                                               
About the "châteaux" wineries                                               
All about wine corks                                               
That you can pair spicy ethnic foods with certain wines                                               
That Michel Picard Pouilly-Fuissé is a really good Chardonnay!                                 
About the AOC                 
What makes a wine taste like things that weren’t used to make it (i.e.  blackberries, peaches, minerals, oak, etc.)
What "mis en bouteille" means
1-100 scale wine experts use for grading wine
2005 was a very good year for many French wines and why
How food really changes the taste of wine
How to choose wine in a store
How to tell the location of wine production  
Stories about famous wine makers
Why some wines are more expensive than others
That you can drink certain red wines with dessert
What color tablecloth to use at a wine tasting
About decanting red wines      

Our Question: Please grade us on the wines we served and the foods we paired with them.

Some of Their Answers:             
Great choices!
Awesome!  Everything was delicious.
10-Good mix of price and taste on the wines
10+ Loved the food - yummy!
Food was nicely paired with wines to enhance the flavors of the wines
Dessert was so good, I wanted seconds!
I'm not a fan of red wines, however, I thought all of the wines were great!
Wines were excellent and a good variety.
I am not a wine drinker, but I enjoyed trying the different wines.
Superb flavors!
Wines 100%; Food pairings 110%!!
The dessert course left me speechless - was there other food?

Our Question: What else should we know?

Some of Their Answers:             
You guys do a great job!
1 platter of appetizers for every 4 people works well!
You need to sell the dessert you served - amazing!
Love the entrance to your place.
This would be a great idea for a "pre"-bachelorette party!
I think everyone should experience one of your parties!  Love it!
Make the street address/house number larger; we had trouble finding it.
We have been to previous parties at South 'n France and this was our favorite. The people were diverse and the wine and food were absolutely perfect!
I ate a light dinner before I came (as per your suggestion), but I don't think I needed to. I'm so full!
Fine event.  I would return for another.
I'm a really picky eater and there was food I liked. Made me happy!
It was highly entertaining.
It was amazing and so are y'all!

Want to know more? Visit our Wine & Dine Party page or call Charlene for details:  910-762-6882.


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