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Baby Talk

We've been having a great time with our nephew, Carter. He's at the age (almost 5 months) where he "talks" most enthusiastically back to us. Carter especially gets a big kick out of his Uncle Pascal who cracks him up with his funny faces and silly noises! As soon as Pascal stops clowning around, Carter will coo at him, begging him to continue with his crazy antics. In just two weeks, Carter and his parents are relocating to Buffalo, New York. We'll miss them a lot! We haven't even had a chance to set our handsome nephew up on a play date with the adorable Penelope Davis who was born just one week after him. Here's pretty Penelope and her beautiful Mom, Melissa, modeling Penelope's first Easter dress. It was our baby gift to Penelope and we were thrilled to learn that her parents chose it as her very first Easter ensemble. Doesn't she look adorable?

While we wait for Carter's first trip back to Wilmington, we're brushing up on our French baby talk. It won't be long before he'll really be talking back to us!  Here are a few fun "bébé" words:

le bibi     [pronounced bee-bee]   (comes from the French word for bottle, which is biberon)
le bobo   [pronounced boe-boe]   (just like our English word for minor injury)
le dodo   [pronounced like dodo bird]   (comes from the French word for dormir, which means sleep/naptime/beddie-bye)
hop-là!   [pronounced Op-la]   (it means oopsie-daisy!)
tata or tati   [pronounced ta-ta or ta-tee]   (comes from the French word for tante, which means Aunt)
tonton   [pronounced tone-tone]   (it means Uncle)
mémé   [pronounced may-may]   (it means Grandma)
pépé   [pronounced pay-pay]   (it means Grandpa)
le popo   [pronounced poe-poe]   (it means poo-poo)
le joujou   [pronounced zhou-zhou]   (comes from the French word for jouet, which means toy)
le nanan   [pronounced nah-nah]   (it means yummies, sweets, num-nums)

With a tati and a tonton who make gourmet chocolate bon bons for a living, you can bet that our nephew will be asking for nanans in no time!

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