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Love Sweet Love

This past weekend, The New York Times featured a sweet love story in the Weddings/Celebrations section of their Sunday paper. The story chronicles a courtship that spanned three decades, with a plot reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally. It all started when Michelle Rosen first offered candy to David Zornitsky during the first lecture at a C.P.A. course. The couple married at Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan. The bride wore a dress made of candy wrappers that was designed for Project Runway. The groom wore a matching Kit Kat wrapper bow tie. The aisle was lined with lollipop trees. The bouquet was made with candy. And the guests got to eat Cotton Candy, candy sushi and peanut butter and jelly tarts.

New York Times photographer Karen Cunningham must have felt like a kid in a candy store getting to photograph these bright, colorful, surreal wedding images. Check out the entire slideshow of Ms. Cunningham's photos here.

"Not all weddings have a lollipop rainbow. But they should."
- Julie Halpern, wedding guest
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