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Why We Love Our Customers: Reason #346

Listing reasons why we love our customers is a regular feature on our blog. You send us great mail; you take "tres bon bon" photos;

you place creative orders; and you bring us cool stuff! But for Pascal, who dreams of being a serious "cave man", this reason may be his favorite reason yet:

#346: You Know How to Make a Frenchman's Day
And that's no easy feat! It all started when a charming, new-to-the area couple discovered South 'n France in December 2008. They dropped in to buy bon bons for the holidays and started talking to Pascal about French wines. The monsieur is a serious wine collector with a very impressive cellar, and Pascal thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue. A few months later, this couple joined us for Dinner and a Movie when we featured our favorite French comedy, The Dinner Game (Le Dîner de Cons).

In the movie, the lead character, a wealthy publishing executive, suddenly has to open a bottle of wine for a tax inspector who is coming over to his luxury apartment. He fears that the tax collector will want to audit him when he sees his impressive wine collection, so he opens a 1978 bottle of Château Lafite (one of the most famous and expensive wines in the world) and pours vinegar into the bottle in order to mask its quality.

This couple joined us again recently at the launch for our new Wine & Dine Party. When they walked in the door, much to our shock (and Pascal's incredible delight), they presented us with a most extraordinary gift - you guessed it! - a bottle of 1978 Château Lafite from the monsieur's collection. This generous, thoughtful, and humorous gift made Pascal's day, his week, his month, and quite possibly his year. As soon as we were finished working for the evening, he sat down to admire his new bottle, a new crown jewel in his own collection. You can be sure that we won't be adding vinegar to that Château Lafite, no matter who's coming to dinner! In fact, I suspect that it will be many years before Pascal even lets us get close to that bottle with a cork screw. Thank you, Dan and Pat, for making Pascal a very happy "cave man". You can bet he'll be proudly displaying that bottle of Château Lafite for all to see at our next showing of The Dinner Game!


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