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Meet Our 2009 Bon Bon Moms of the Year

Even though this past weekend was all about fathers, we're still celebrating mothers here at South 'n France! After all, there wouldn't be fathers without mothers, n'est-ce pas? Last year, we inaugurated the Bon Bon Mom of the Year Contest. Fabulous Mom Debbie Bost was the first Mom to enter our Bon Bon Mom Hall of Fame. As the first reigning Bon Bon Mom, Debbie enjoyed lots of swag, including a year's supply of bon bons! This Mother's Day we decided to spread the wealth. We offered 8-Piece Bon Bon Samplers to 12 different deserving mothers - one great Mom for every month in the year! We'd like to introduce some of these outstanding mothers to you:

(Photo Lisa Puttbach with daughter and Mom)

Without my mom, I could not be thriving as a single mom! We call her "Gran" and she lives 2 hours away in a little town called Newport, very close to Beaufort. She is willing to drive here and spend the night when I need help with childcare and she takes the kids anytime she can at her house - even as long as a week if I need a break! She works 20 hours a week at the local church and all hours are on a volunteer basis. She is truly an amazing person with a lot to give!
- Lisa Puttbach

I come from a military family where we must have moved every 6 months to a year. When I was young I didn't appreciate how well my mother made sure my older brother and I always had consistency in our "home" no matter where we lived. Sometimes we would still be living out of boxes, in a new town with very few friends yet, but Mom always made sure dinner time was family time. By keeping us all close and involved in community sports and activities she made sure we became connected in each new town. Because she was always supporting us and encouraging us in every new neighborhood and in each new school we felt safe because we always knew we had our "rock". Looking back at those times, they could have been scary, but with Mom's dedication to us they are memories of fun and adventure... she's always been our biggest cheerleader! Thanks for letting me brag about my mom, she deserves it! - Heather Tompkins

(Photo Mazle Memory with all 6 of her children at a family reunion)

My mom, Mazle Memory, will be celebrating her 81st birthday in August. My dad passed away when she was 36. She was left with 6 children ages, 16,14,12,11, 4 and 2, and a very small ($10,000) life insurance policy. She never remarried and raised us alone while working full time. We are all productive adults with children of our own now. Mom is a very special woman who is my hero. She was Mom and Dad to us and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame!
- Vera M. Walker

My mom is always there for me and my three kids. When I was pregnant with my third child, instead of retiring in southern NJ like she had planned, she moved here to Wilmington to be closer to us. After being a stay-at-home mom for 5 years, I had the opportunity to go back to work part-time at UNC-W and there is no way this would have been possible without my mother's help. She does so many things on a weekly basis to make my children feel special, everything from giving them M&M's when she sees them, taking them on sleep-overs, taking them out to eat to their favorite restaurants and paying for special camps and lessons that help them grow and learn. Since I was a little girl my mother has supported and cared for me and now she is caring for and supporting not only me, but my three children as well. Not sure what I would do without my mom. - Jennifer M. Grob

My mom is just AWESOME! I've never seen anyone work as hard as her, sacrifice as much as she did and still be as loving and unconditional as she is. Imagine working in a HOT kitchen and preparing meals for hundreds of people every day and only make $500.00 US dollars a month. She did that for me! All I have to say is that my mom is the most special person, most respectable person and the most loving person I have ever known in my life! - Ana Dawson (Photo of Ana Dawson with her Mom, Ana Maria Gomes)

About 5 years ago my father was diagnosed with a rare disease and my mother, Lou Souders, is his primary caregiver. She spends her days trying to make him as comfortable as possible, meeting his every need, handling all of the household duties as well as medical duties. In the past two months, she made 4 visits to the hospital with him, while he had 2 surgeries, and she slept in a folding chair for 3 nights to be by his side. Not only is my mother an outstanding wife, but she is also a fabulous grandmother to her 6 grandchildren. She always manages to send cards for every holiday, gift boxes, presents, and also makes calls to them all. Her 2 grandchildren here, McKenzie and Harrison, love to go over and visit. She always keeps their favorite snacks on hand, as well as a closet full of toys and games.


(Photo of Laurie Wierse with her Mom and two children)

So we have established what a terrific wife and grandmother she is, but she is a superb mother too. I feel that we grew up in a "Beaver Cleaver" style. I loved my childhood. Mom made clothes for my sister and me, made hand-sewn Halloween costumes, homemade birthday cakes, endless crafts, homemade doll house, and on and on. She has always been there for my brother, sister and me. Whenever any of us are going through hard times she forgets about herself and focuses on our problems. She is a rock for everyone. Please consider my mother for this special award as she really deserves some recognition for herself. - Laurie Wierse

Congratulations to all of our 2009 Bon Bon Moms; we're honored to induct you into our Bon Bon Mom Hall of Fame!


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