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The Favorite Best-Seller Is...

We are frequently asked two questions to which there are no simple answers: "Which bon bon flavor do people like best?" and "Which bon bon is the best-seller?" Because all of our bon bons are so delicious, there is no stand-out favorite. Our best-seller (by far!) is the Bon Bon Sampler, which is an assortment of all seven flavors of our hand-dipped chocolate confections. As to specific favorites? We can only tell you our own: I like Coconut best (Cookies 'n Crème runs a close second for me); Pascal's favorite flavor is Café au Lait (with Coconut in second place). When the staff at Focus on the Coast came to a South 'n France Bon Bon Party, they took their own informal poll. Here are the results:   

Focus favorite Bon Bons
Kelly W.: Café Au Lait and Pistachio
Krista: Coconut
Jess: Café Au Lait and Coconut
Brook: Coconut
Tessa: Coconut and Café Au Lait
Laurel: Café Au Lait
Abi: Coconut
Kelly M.: Café Au Lait
Kristi: Coconut and Pistachio

Our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough fans would be horrified to see that their favorite flavor didn't make this list! We have a strong and loyal contingent of bon bon fans who order nothing but Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough! In fact, recently, one of those loyal fans turned 36 years old. Guess what she's received for her birthday - thirty-six Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bon Bons! Check out just a few of these testimonials from our avid Cookie Dough Bon Bon lovers:  
Can I just say that I have a new favorite treat? If I could have a chocolate chip cookie dough bon bon every day, I would be a very happy man; Absolutely delicious!!

My favorite is definitely the chocolate chip cookie dough bon bon!

Oh my God! These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bon Bons are complete joy. You cannot eat just one. Better than scooping cookie dough out of the tub - I gotta have more!

Then there's Chris, who commented on this bon bon photo shown in our MySpace photo gallery

I'd like to see a picture of the Pistachio ones, but only if it doesn't get in the way of you making them. They are definitely the best ones; Coconut is a somewhat close second, but not close enough to cause confusion.

Speaking of confusion, see why we can't tell you which flavor is everyone’s favorite? Go ahead-  try them for yourselves - and join in the discussion! Maybe one day we'll get to the bottom of which one bon bon flavor is "everyone's favorite" and "our bestseller". 

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