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Paris in Your Backyard

I often wish that Paris was "in my backyard", but I don't think I'd go as far as Gerard Brion to make it happen. Gerard lives in the South of France in a village called Vaissac. He's spent the past fifteen years creating a model of the City of Lights in his backyard using old cinderblocks, baby food jars, discarded soup cans and other unique materials. Brion occasionally lends small sections of his mini-Paris to a "miniatures" museum in real-life. However, he insists that he created his masterpiece for his personal enjoyment and generally does not open his backyard to the public except for the occasional small group once or twice a week. I wonder if he does a mini fireworks display on Bastille Day? Judging by this nighttime view of Brion's backyard, I'd bet it would be just as spectacular as the real show on the Champs-Elysee. For more photos of Gerard Brion's work, check out this slideshow by The Sun in the United Kingdom.

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