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Dancing Queen

A few weeks ago, I took a dance class in Manhattan with my mother that I promised to tell you about. Our teacher, Alex Tchassov, is one of the best teachers I've encountered in any discipline! He has a gift for creating analogies so appropriate and easy to understand that he had us dancing the tango, the cha cha, the waltz and the swing in no time. I felt like the children in Peter Pan when they discover that they're flying. Only I was saying to myself: "I’m dancing! I'm ballroom dancing!"

We got to see World and US Rhythm Champions Jose Decamps and Joanna Zahorowicz perform a steamy dance number that literally left the entire room speechless for a while after their performance. It is amazing to watch such talent just a couple of feet in front of your eyes; every movement they made was so fluid and controlled. Once we were partnered with the male dancers, I started thinking too hard about my feet and about the steps and about messing up. I noticed that as soon as I judged what I was doing, things usually fell apart for me. The art of dancing contains many life lessons about communication, listening, and trust. And for me, my experience in the dance class mirrored my real-life struggles. I learned more about myself than I did about dance steps that evening!

But, as promised, Alex helped us access (even if for just a few moments) that special place where dancing transcends everything else and sweeps you into its magical, enchanting embrace.

Speaking of going to a happy, magical place, this video on YouTube, which I discovered just a few days after the dance class, perfectly captures the spirit and joy that dancing can create. This huge group dance number (more than 200 people!) was performed to Do-Re-Mi from "The Sound of Music" in the central train station of Antwerp, Belgium after just two rehearsals. Can you imagine what it would have been like to be either a spectator or a dancer in the train station on that morning? Just seeing the video kept my heart smiling and my toes tapping all day. Enjoy!

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