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Take a Deep Chocolate Breath

From time to time, I like to share what's new in the candy industry. Here's a concept that has chocolatiers all atwitter:  breathing calorie-free chocolate. A professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University has come up with Le Whif, an inhaler that looks like a tube of lipstick. The inhaler is filled with chocolate-flavored air particles that contain less than a single calorie per pump. A prototype debuted in Paris caused quite "le stir". It's slightly dangerous (you have to take small breaths for maximum effect and if you breathe too much you could do damage to your lungs); and rather expensive (about fifty cents per whiff).  But, the idea is that you get to enjoy an agreeable chocolate experience without consuming any calories.
Although I have not personally tried Le Whif, I'm apt to agree with these candy reviewers who have; isn't actually eating your chocolate, instead of just breathing it, part of the pleasure? 
Based on their taste tests, the popularity of our bon bons don't seem to be in danger. As Frank Terranova, a Johnson & Wales University culinary instructor, told the Boston Globe: "I don't think you can call it a cuisine. I think you can call it a gimmick."
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