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Send Chocolate!

Recently I told you about the chocolate scratch-and-sniff stamps gracing letters and packages sent from France this summer. Kit Kat in Japan has taken chocolate snail mail one step further; the company partnered with the Japanese Post office to create Kit Kat Mail, postcards with real Kit Kat bars inside the box. You see, Kit Kat translates as Kitto Katso in Japanese which means "surely win". And, it is tradition to send students good luck wishes before their very challenging entrance exams for higher education (think the SAT on steroids!). Kit Kat saw a correlation and an opportunity to sell a postcard product exclusively through the post office that could be mailed to students as an edible good luck charm. The idea proved incredibly popular, taking off with the public and winning the advertising firm that created the concept major kudos including the Media Grand Prix in Cannes. In response to its overwhelming success, Nestle has made Kit Kat Mail a permanent all-occasion product in Japan.

South 'n France Bon Bons can be sent anywhere in the Continental US and they also make a great gift for any occasion. We currently ship our product exclusively via FedEx, but if the United States Post Office wishes to partner with us, we're ready to talk. Especially if they'll agree to decorate post offices around the country with the same flair the Japanese post offices sported during the Kit Kat promotion. Our tag line, Where Southern Flair Meets Savoir Faire, would take on a whole new meaning!

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