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Don't Forget to Say Cheese!

It's difficult getting Pascal to smile in photos. He usually makes a face like this (above). When you implore him to smile, he cheekily responds: "But I am smiling..." This photo graces the cover of our company brochure with the caption; "South 'n France Bon Bons, Wilmington's Best-Kept-Secret". Some people see our brochure and ask Pascal why he isn't smiling in the photo. Usually, he replies with a deadpan heavily accented: "I was so 'appy, I forgot to smile." or "What are you talking about? That eez how ze French smile!"

The photo (above) was taken during a "Forrest Gump"-inspired photo shoot, and I believe that he was trying to stay in character. But, I do wish he'd show us his cute, mischievous smile more often. Our extraordinary photographer-friend Millie Holloman caught Pascal's grin once (below) when he wasn't paying attention! That's much better, n'est'ce pas?

Pascal's not the only one who doesn't naturally mug for the camera; take a look at this site, Happiest People Ever, which shows photos of people who don't look like they're having much fun getting their picture taken. Ironically, it's guaranteed to make you smile.

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