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My Little Bon Bon Zoo

I thought you might like to meet some of my internet neighbors. The people, animals and things I come across as I walk my online "Bon Bon" neighborhood. Keywords are a funny thing. Imagine them as planets in the Internet Universe. If a South 'n France Bon Bon is the sun, here are some of the planets that orbit around us: Bon Jovi, the novel Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, Bon Bon slippers by Goody Goody, bichon frise dogs, and My Little Pony Tales. It's quite a menagerie - but hey! - we could keep worse company.

If you don't remember the television series, My Little Pony Tales, well... you're lucky! The show followed the lives of seven young female ponies named: Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon. The ponies lived like human beings: attending school, frequenting an ice cream shop, going on dates, entering talent contests and even roller-skating. There is an entire episode devoted to Bon Bon's Diary. Bon Bon is so busy cooking she forgets to study for her math test. She cheats, writes about it in her diary, and then her diary goes missing! What follows is a nauseating pre-adolescent drama around the ponies' secrets, the dangers of gossip, and the immorality of cheating. Although I was never a fan of the show, I do like Bon Bon pony's name best. Of course, you could say that I'm partial.  

Bon Bon is a very popular name for pets and personalities. It's listed as one of the top recommended names for the Bichon Frise dog breed (along with FrouFrou and other girly French-sounding words). Peruse the internet and you'll also find horses, bunnies, kittens and dogs named Bon Bon.  

As for people? Well it seems that Bon Bon is great name for wacky personalities. I'm not sure if Jon Bon Jovi counts, but I'll make him an honorary Bon Bon (John-John the Bon-Bon). Many of my girlfriends call me Bon Bon, a name I share with a few drag queens, a Scandinavian clown, and a famous burlesque dancer who's full title was: Bon Bon the Yum Yum Girl, America's Favorite Sweet. Like I said, I could keep worse company. You know that question people sometimes ask: "If you could create a dinner party with any people, dead or alive, whom would you invite?" I think a dinner party of Bon Bons would be most entertaining: talk about a zoo! My party favors would be South 'n France Bon Bons and bon bon slippers, of course! 

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