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Bon Bon Land: Not My Kind of Candyland

When I was in college, I took a road trip with a friend to Wisconsin. It was one of those trips where we didn't have a fixed destination; we were just going to let the road take us where it may. We went on a hay ride, ate fried cheese curd, and visited a cow museum. As the sun started to set, we tried to find a hotel room. Come to find out it was homecoming weekend for one of the big football teams and every hotel room for a two-hundred-mile radius was sold out. We drove for hours and ended up spending the night in a themed-hotel (think ten-sided beds and Jungle Room 'fantasy suites'). As if that wasn't strange enough, the next day we decided to visit The House on the Rock. It is one of the freakiest places I've ever seen. It is a house, built into a rock, with a disturbing collection of glass bottles, guns, and scary dolls riding roller coasters. Think I'm kidding? Check out their photo gallery.

I won't be going back. I'm also not interested in traveling to Bon Bon Land anytime soon. What, you ask? The Bon Bon Queen doesn't want to visit Bon Bon Land? No, she doesn’t. Robb and Elissa Alvey have already scouted it out for me, and it's a little too reminiscent of The House on the Rock for my taste. You see, Robb and Elissa are roller coaster and theme park experts. They have spent the past twenty years traveling to theme parks around the world, where they have ridden more than 1500 different roller coasters. When The Discovery Channel or The New York Times needs a theme park expert, they turn to the Alveys. 

They have a very useful website called Theme Park Review, where they rate different theme parks with lots of photos and descriptive information. Here's what they say about Bon Bon Land, a theme park in Holme Olstrup, Denmark: "It's difficult to find a word to describe Bon Bon Land because this is like no other park... you can use the words: Quirky, Bizarre, Disturbing, Perverted, etc.... they all apply! How do you describe a park... themed to candy characters based on toilet humor? Yeah... it's hard to describe!"

Bon Bon Land was inspired by a candy company (called Bon Bon) in Denmark. Their most popular product is "Dog Fart" candy. That's right, folks. I swear, I'm not making this up! Their other popular candies are themed around poop and boobs. Most of the photos are so disturbing, I cannot, in good conscience post them on our site. You'll have to take a virtual tour to Bon Bon Land and see for yourself.  But I warn you:  if you were one of those people who got freaked out by the Willy Wonka Movie when you were a kid, even a virtual tour through Bon Bon Land may be too treacherous for you!

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