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Real Men Eat Bon Bons

You might think that all of our customers are women who enjoy watching afternoon soap operas while lounging on the sofa eating bon bons. Man, oh man... would you be wrong!! We have lots of male customers, and these guys are manly men! Ex-marines, carpenters, surfers, mechanics, firemen, and more. Not so long ago, a new guy called to ask if he could come over to buy bon bons. "Absolutely", I exclaimed. "Come on over!".

He arrived shortly thereafter and knocked on the door. I was a bit surprised to see a guy who looked like this standing at the threshold.  He wore earrings that stretch the ear lobes in both ears (I think it's called gauging), he had tattoos all over his body, he sported facial hair, and he wore a wool beanie on his head even though it was almost 90-degrees outside. He also happened to be an incredibly nice guy.

I ask every new customer how they learned about South 'n France, but this time I was really curious! 
"How'd you hear about us?", I asked. 
"My bone crusher sent me", he replied.
"I'm sorry?", I pressed, trying to mask my astonishment.

Turns out "Bone Crusher" is the affectionate nickname he has given his chiropractor, Dr. Arian Kelly. The way "Real Man" described it to me, the conversation went something like this. Dr. Kelly (aka Bone Crusher) and Real Man were talking about the fact that Real Man is kind of unforgettable thanks to his unique body decorations. Dr. Kelly says: "Yeah.  It reminds me of someone else I know who is very memorable--The Bon Bon Queen." Seriously! Can you believe it? Is that not the coolest thing? To think that manly men talk about The Bon Bon Queen while crushing bones just makes me swoon. I have arrived, folks! I have arrived!!!

Anyhow, Real Man turns out to be a real chocolate lover, so he asks Dr. Kelly (aka Bone Crusher) to tell him more about the bon bons. Naturally, Bone Crusher insists that they are the best chocolates in the world. So as soon as Real Man's bones have been thoroughly crushed, he drives over to our place to eat bon bons. He really liked the Pistachio flavor.

As for me, don't tell Pascal, but I think I have my own kind of crush...


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