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What Trumps a Queen?

Bearing my self-proclaimed title of Bon Bon Queen has taught me many lessons. I'm perfectly comfortable with the regal side of my nature, as I believe that there is a queen in every woman. You can't claim what you don't name. And, as the old adage goes: 
"Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract a king".  Or, a prince.  Or, in my case, a sweet French frog. 

Just one look at my crazy hat and my campy polka-dotted outfit should tell you that I don't take myself too seriously. Still, I am a queen because my bon bons rule; I am a queen because I love pomp and circumstance; I am a queen because I'd rather be Queen Bee of my own little hive than a corporate worker bee drone. I am a queen because Queen rhymes with Charlene; it's catchy and memorable and fun, and I strive to be all of those things. When I introduce myself as a queen, I'm making this subtle suggesion: all I ask is that you treat me no differently than you would the queen. And, as Princess Diana once said: "I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts". I am the queen of my castle. I am Queen of the Day almost every day.  And yes, it is indeed good to be queen.

But some people just can't bring themselves to acknowledge my light-hearted nod to my queenly nature. Instead of addresssing me by my proper royal title, they usually end up calling me something like: "The Bon Bon Lady". One time, I walked into a business networking event, and a guy said: "Oh, there's the Bon Bon Lady." A fellow female entrepeneur corrected him: "Nooo!!", she exclaimed, "She's not the Bon Bon Lady, she's the Bon Bon Queen!" Spoken like true royalty.

Is there anything that trumps a queen? Some might say a king. I never truly believed that, preferring to subscribe to that classic piece of wisdom from My Big, Fat Greek Wedding: The man is the head of the family but the women are the neck and they can turn the head any way they want. I believed that queens were the ultimate in royalty until I learned about Peggielene Bartels a beautiful, powerful woman who is a secretary by day and a Ghanaian king by night.

Peggielene is the new king of Otuam, a town of 7,000 residents an hour's drive from Ghana's capital. The town elders chose her to succeed the late king. Fondly and respectfully addressed as Nana by her subjects, she has the power to resolve disputes, appoint elders, and manage more than 1,000 acres of family-owned land. In this day and age, I guess that old adage needs a bit of modification: Carry yourself like a queen and you can become a king!


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